Saturday, 19 September 2009

Logo Design

This week I have been doing some logo design- the top one is for t-shirt embroidery and the bottom is for letterheads and road signage.

Friday, 18 September 2009

A short love story

Last night I had a dream I saw you again. We were at a party in an ultra modern house, like something from Grand Designs. You were admiring the contrasts and smooth lines and talking with friends. We talked a little and you were gone again, leaving me to wake up with the same feeling of emptiness that I feel every day when I think of those who aren't here and the same sense of hopelessness of finding out any little snippets of information. I cried a little when I woke up, but its no big deal. My imagination is where you reside now locked for eternity in a endless mindscape of places we have never been.
I first fell in love with you on a warm autumn day, you were sitting in the canteen reading a Discworld book in a warm hazy sunshine. I watched you through a window. I had no idea of what to say to you, or how to approach, I felt awkward and shy. A week later I summed up the courage to make you a mix tape, just sidled past and put it in front of you and walked off again, it seemed to make sense, and this whole unspoken but very real sense is what presided over our faux relationship for the whole two years that we knew each other.
We eventually talked, both trying to catch up with each other on the walk home, making idle chit chat even though it felt forbidden. You became my best friend, I could tell you anything apart from how I really felt, but you knew. And felt the same. We used to double duo back on your bike from pubs and clubs, this is the way I remember you best, flying down the road on a wobbly bike in the middle of the night, I, a princess on the back of a noble charger that always seemed to avoid the holes in the road. You left notes for me on my car, I was so oblivious to the fact that anything could ever happen that I pretended it was someone else, you never came clean until after I had gone. To want someone so much that it hurts is the greatest feeling in the world but also the saddest. Time moved on and after I moved you were found late one night drunk on my mothers doorstep in the middle of the night, I don't know why you came over but I wasn't there, and feel I let you down. And then you were gone. And I felt lost.
I would give anything for that feeling again.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

What I've been doing

After breaking my elbow, having the pig flu and a variety of other disasters I can now say that Ihave completed all the fuit and veg illustrations for Moss Green Childrens Books. These are educational colouring pages for children to show them how fruit and veg grow, natural pests and when to plant and pick the food. Here are a few examples of what I've been up to, all the pages can be found on the Moss Green Website. Next is endangered species, which I'm really looking forward to drawing. Apologies for the use of Comic Sans, it was part of the brief.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Call For entries!!!



"Maybe we could express ourselves more fully if we say it without words"

We have the flowerpot, Kentish Town (formerly the verge) booked for October 15th.

They have kindly agreed to give us their wall space for approx 2 weeks after the 15th so the work can stay up and we can actively promote the exhibition.


* The theme is "Maybe we could express ourselves more fully if we say it without words" - interpret as you like.
*Work must be 2D and suitable for hanging, if you want to work on a large scale, please contact me with the dimensions of your piece before getting started. All work is welcome, from design/illustration to photography and textile or printmaking.
*Work can be offered for sale while on show (if you want to) There is a 20% commission charged on all work sold, so please think about building this in to your costs.
*Please can all work be given to me by the weekend of October the 10th. i don't mind if you want to send it or drop it off, but please supply it framed and ready to hang.
*Thems is the rules.

We have room for about 10 artists work to be on show, so if your serious about doing this you MUST have let me know by email with a brief idea of what your doing
by August 31st so I can start promoting.

The private view is on October 15th, there will be guest DJ's, bands and a lot of fun.

Please pass this on to anyone who may be interested in submitting work. I will be opening this brief up via the normal mediums in the next few days, so please tell me ASAP if you want to take part.

Much Love, lets make some lovely things and take Camden by storm.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Just wanted to alert anyone who may be interested to this project-
It's a little thing that another illustrator has set up to get people to donate fox drawings. I donated this chap-

Foxes are pretty close to my heart- my mum is obsessed with them and we have one that lives in our garden, a vixen we have called "Wolfie". Wolfie gets fed dog food twice a day, is chased by my cat almost daily and sleeps in the middle of the lawn. When she hears the door open she trots down the garden to say hello and see if she's getting any dinner. Here are a few pictures of her-

Monday, 10 August 2009

I would like to alert you...

A slightly serious blog post today. I would like to alert you all to this  . This is the sad story of an illustration undergraduate from Falmouth who though that she could rip off another illustrators work. She nearly got away with it, but then had some of the work published and won a prize, and now every one knows. Having been a victim of plagiarism myself I know how it feels to find your work with someone else's name next to it, and have zero credit. People like this are worse than those that create collages, and deserve to have their eyes poked out with blunt sticks and their degree's burnt to cinders. Again this backs up my theory that if you can't draw/paint/photograph yourself, your basically a talentless useless letch of a person that should never study any thing creative and stick to media studies.
On a brighter note, here's me and my friends on University Challenge...

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Strange ways

Elliott Smith would have been 40 yrs old today. I wish he was.
He's the single biggest influence on my work, from the age of 15 i have listened to everything he's done, its got me through a lot and I will continue to work with him playing softly in the background and I'm thankful for that. No one could, would or will replace him. 


Miss Misery

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Pychadelia Smith!

Watch Quickly before Sony remove it again!

Monday, 3 August 2009


I'm gradually getting use of my right arm back, although a bit limited in what I can do still, so busy scanning work in and playing around a bit with existing stuff. In the mean time, enjoy this...

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

More from the left...

The futures left...

While my limb of choice is differently abled I am teaching myself to draw with my left hand. I am creating a rabbit themed visual diary. Enjoy. These are all quick left handed drawings, they may at some point be developed further, or I may print them. 

Bittersweet bundle of misery

Just when I thought life couldn't get much worse I manage to go and fracture my elbow. Therefore now I can't do any drawing, and am left doing one finger typing with my left hand. Woe is me. Any suggestions of ways to amuse myself would be great. I'm bored and in pain and have watched all three seasons of the IT Crowd in 48 hours.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Finding Sol

Here are a few shots from the short film I worked on recently "Finding Sol" with the wonderful Mr David White. it was an interesting project which involved creating a childlike fantasy aircraft and a cardboard city. Lots of fun.

Monday, 13 July 2009


I will shortly be producing  a limited run of canvas screen printed bird bags, featuring 4 different designs of different types of parrot. These will be for sale in my shop, prototype is seen in the image above. I still haven't decided if they will be full colour prints or monotone, but either way will be awesome and the must have bag of 2009. 

Come to this

This is my flyer for our new night running in London, it's going to be a fabulous mix of lovely people and some very fun music. Myself and a few friends have started to run nights under the banner of Booze tits/Teenwolf is cool and will shortly be expanding to in to running exhibitions of lovely new creative work, so all designers, illustrators, photographers etc. please get in touch if you would like your work shown in some of East London's best venues with some of the most fun private views you could wish for. 

Sunday, 12 July 2009

First Crush

I love this little video by Julia Pott, its so sweet and really nicely put together. 

Friday, 10 July 2009

Right now

Every thing tastes like sawdust and I am red and weak. 
Nothing has ever felt this bad before and never will again.
I am an oyster, turning grit in to pearls for other people to wear,
how can something so pretty be so sad?
I have no more fight.
You have left me a shell washed on the shore chipped and damaged
waiting to be washed out again

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Crufts 2

A few more from Crufts.

What I'm working on

I have been commissioned to do a run of educational childrens colouring books by Moss Green Children's books. These are on the title of "fruit and vegetables"- teaching children where their fruit and veg comes from and what it looks like in the ground and "Endangered species". It's most enjoyable work although harder than it seems as I have to make my drawing suitable for age ranges of 4yrs +. Here is one of the mock ups anyway, it needs a bit of work and some simplification for the children but you get the idea. It's a lovely project and I completely endorse Moss Green's environmental policies and educational viewpoint and am looking forward to completing the project. 
I am also kept continually amused by the antics of Fabio the fox who lives in my garden and provides endless hours of interesting life drawing. Dear Fabio has been adopted by my mother as slightly wild and smelly pet (in the loosest possible sense of the word) Fabio has a diet that now consists of half a tin of Pedigree Chum, scraps from the kitchen and cheese sandwiches. He comes trotting to the back door as soon as he hears noise from the house and sits on the lawn till he gets fed. He has also been wormed (?!) and is now the fattest fox within the M25. Here's a picture of him chillin' out with his homies. 

Work harder

Every year I like to check out the graduate work from Brighton, as its always interesting to see people who have been in the same environment that I studied in and how the course is progressing.
Worthy of a mention from this years graduate illustration/graphics show were the following-

Kieron Rhys Johnson- Lovely lino cuts and prints and visually very fresh and exciting work, clean, with a real talent and eye for a good composition and excellent drawing skills.

Chris Pell- Super funny, and brilliant ideas and executed with style. Really good line quality too. 

Christopher Wright AKA Tinhead- You may recognise his cover for Foals album and singles, but his work is consistently good, has a brilliant sense of humour and a lot of personality that shines through each piece.

Kyle Bean- Check out the mobile phone russian dolls! So cool! Really neat observation.

However, I am also majorly disapointed in a lot of the graduate work from the past 2/3 years. I simply hate the way a lot of new graduates are using collage to illustrate with. My problem is not that they aren't technically good at it, but its so unoriginal and has been done to death. You can only really get away with if you either have such a massive personality that it shines through in your work i.e the humour of Graham Rawle.

or by pushing the boundaries of collage such as seen here in some promo material for the new Jack Penate album by GoDeJong

I actually have started to believe that most of these illustrators are a.) incredibly lazy b.) can't actually draw and c.) have all the personality of a dead goldfish. There is NOTHING good about the following all scrambled together; mountains, eyes, girls made of bits of other things, triangles of other bits and pieces, and random spots of colour. Its Bullshit, means nothing and while the end product may be asthetically pleasing it has very little substance and no real class or personality invested in to the work. Drawing is a labour of love, and to me a good illustration graduate looks to push the boundaries while keeping a very individual style and has the technical skills of drawing and interpreting the world in which they exist in their own way. The main problem I have with the encouragement of particular styles is that it kills your shelf life as an illustrator. While having a style of your own is to be encouraged the key to longevity is to be able to evolve and adapt. I am having serious doubts that the work I have seen recently has someone clever enough behind it to be able to adapt and meet each individual clients every whim. A few years ago there was a huge trend for Banksy inspired stencil work, now as time has moved on this is thought of as a bit naff, and therefore you have a lot of artists and illustrators who have pigeon holed themselves in to this style and are now running very short on work as a result. There are too many second rate illustrators out there with no real purpose and who have decided to jump on the current trendy bandwagon. the best thing you can do as a creative designer/illustrator is to master a variety of mediums and to be able to draw to specific clients needs and adapt to each brief. I do really feel that there should be more of  an emphisis on drawing and more traditionally image making mixed in with bits of new media as the skill of drawing is sadly being lost and pushed aside for current trends. I'm not saying my work is perfect as I'm my own biggest critic and I feel intense disgust for some pieces I create, but looking at all the rubbish which has come out of the degree shows has actually made me consider doing a little more guest lecturing and teaching next year to help inspire students in to something  more fresh and exciting that isn't involving cutting up bits of old magazines. Should I have my way class sizes in graduate courses would be slashed in half and all design students would have to undertake a basic drawing exam before joining a design course. Unfortunately the reputation of design schools such as Brighton is slipping due to the taking on of too many students and the restriction of studio time and space in which to work and its become more of a factory churning out much of the same rather than encouraging anything really inspirational or off the wall.
Well done if you got this far.


Here are a few images I took at Crufts '09. I had a fabulous day out drawing and photographing. I find the relationship between people and animals constantly fascinating, and loved watching the owners get their beloved show dogs ready for the ring. I would send any one who hasn't ever visited Crufts to go along, but watch "Best in Show" first, as it makes it all the more hilarious. 



A brief introduction;

This is the blog to co-exist with, in it I shall be showing you what I’m working on, new bits of work and a few explanations. As I am a keen photographer I will also be sharing with you some of my favourite photo’s I have taken on a variety of topics.  I also will be ranting lots, adding in images that interest me, and also showcasing the work of other illustrators who I think are of note and worth a mention. Please feel free to have a bit of input, I like emails, and a healthy crit.